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A Quick Couple Of Tips On Traveling To Door County Wisconsin

Do you want to visit Door County, Wisconsin to see family or friends? What about if you just want to take a road trip through the area? Whatever you decide to do, here are some tips to get you started.

If you’re driving consider the cost of gas and also make sure that you are aware of where you can get help with emergency repairs. You can always get your vehicle checked out by a mechanic before you head out that way, but if that’s something that doesn’t need to be done or they don’t find anything wrong you could still face issues later on down the road. At least bring a spare tire or two, and also have a phone you can take that works anywhere in the state so you don’t have to get stuck in the middle of nowhere without any way to get help. I’ve got a friend that works with a Madison roofing company ( and he experienced a flat tire on his way back from Door County, and was fortunate enough to have a spare tire and jack to fix it himself. It could have been a lot worse, especially in the less populated section between DC and Green Bay.

Figure out what you can bring for you and your family to enjoy themselves as you stay at a motel in the area or nearby. Think over what they have to offer to you in the way of events in or around the area. You should also look into restaurants in case you want to get something to eat when you’re in the city. Plan all of what you’ll do on your trip beforehand and make sure that you have a couple of extra activities listed in case one doesn’t work out in your favor.

When you use this advice while traveling in Door County – it will be a lot easier for you overall to be happy with your choice. Don’t make the trip memorable for bad reasons. It’s far better to deal with this when you are prepared, so do all you can to make that happen!

Know Which Restaurants To Eat At While Traveling In Door County, Wisconsin

When traveling to Door County, Wisconsin, one thing for sure is you’re going to need to know where to get some good food. You’re not a local wanting to hit up the grocery store. You want to know what places are the best to visit and grab a bite to eat on vacation. So what are the best restaurants in Door County, Wisconsin?

There is a lovely restaurant called ‘Chop’ and it looks like a great place to get a steak. They also serve up a great surf n turf platter according to the reviews. The only thing that can make a good steakhouse even better is when they have great seafood to go along with their steak choices. It looks like people love to order the New York Strip there, too.

After Chop, you might wonder if any other restaurant can even come close. However, there are plenty of great restaurants in Door County, each of them serving up different cuisines. Some of the restaurants are better for lunch, some are better for breakfast and some are better for dinner. You have your family restaurants, your nightlife hot spots and more. What type of restaurant would you like to eat at while vacationing in Door County, WI?

You’ve been given the name of a great steakhouse, and now it’s time to hear about some more great restaurants. First, there is the Wild Tomato, and then there is Grasse’s Grill and get this, The Old Post Office Restaurant. Doesn’t that just sound unique and like you simply have to try it out? A friend of mine who owns a limousine company (Bloomington Limo) said Grasse’s had the best steak he’s ever had. I can’t disagree!

Chef’s Hat Cafe also awaits you, and these are the names of the top restaurants in the area. I have noticed a trend here, which is the names of the restaurants sounding like down home type places. You should be comfortable and satisfied no matter which of these you pick while traveling in Wisconsin.

What You Should Know About Traveling In Door County, Wisconsin

Traveling in Door County, Wisconsin will be enjoyable if you know how to prepare for your trip. Trying to get everything put together to take with you is easy if you know what to bring along. Get to know more about traveling to this place here!

Figure out how you’re traveling to this area of the world. You’re probably either going to fly or drive into the area. If you’re driving, make sure that you get your vehicle checked out so you don’t run the risk of it breaking down on you. If you’ll be flying into an area nearby and then traveling in a rental car, make sure you have that all set up before you get there. There are a few options for airport transportation. Never just rush when you’re about to leave because if booking goes wrong or your vehicle breaks down it’s going to be a very bad situation for you.

Make sure you look at what the weather is like so if it’s going to storm or anything you are able to pack what you need. It’s a lot better of an idea to try and pack things like an extra pair of clothing for each day you’ll be there in case it rains on you and you have to get on new clothes. It’s also important that you deal with figuring out whether or not it will snow or be super cold so you can have a coat. Try looking at the last year in weather reports to see what to expect during the season.

Traveling in Door County, Wisconsin is going to be more memorable for you if you’re able to make sure everything is in place when you get started. Don’t forget to use this advice. Then you’ll be prepared for anything that may come up in your travels!

The Benefits Of Traveling In Door County, Wisconsin

Do you love to travel? Do you love the beauty of the land? Do you love water and parks and beaches and beautiful landscapes? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should plan your next vacation and go to Door County, Wisconsin. The beaches, the lighthouses, the state and national parks, and more make it a trip that you won’t soon forget. Are you ready? Pack your bags, let’s go!

First of all, you will want to pack your beach gear. Whatever you like to have when you are enjoying a nice day with the family, the sand, the sun, and the water. Don’t forget your swimsuit, your goggles, towel, chair, sunscreen, and other items you want to bring along.

Next, learn about the parks in the area. There are so many beautiful places for you to explore when you visit Door County. With over 20 parks in the area, you know that you will want to visit one or two of them. Don’t forget to pack your plans as you decide which parks you and your family want to visit. (more…)

Make A Trip To Door County Wisconsin

Are you looking to travel in your own backyard this year? Or maybe take a jaunt to a state you have never visited. Get outside of Milwaukee and all of its festivals this year, by travelling in Door County, Wisconsin.

It is a gem along the 300 miles of seaside that puts you at the heart of it all in one bucolic region of Lake Michigan. It is an All-American town with a cozy waterfront village perched within an island community. It is unique, peaceful, and nature provides a beautiful backdrop for a restful vacation getaway.

Boating, fishing, feasting, swimming, and just enjoying time with family and friends make this a place many look forward to visiting year after year for summer vacation. While spring is brusque in Wisconsin, it is sprung upon the area with a hint of birds returning from the south.

As this change occurs, the village beckons you to rejuvenate with a gentle and relaxing spa weekend and some incredible restaurants. Go bird watching and watch as the seasons change to summer, and all of the vacationers flock here.


Door County, Wisconsin: Why You Need To Visit

Have you been thinking of traveling to Door County, Wisconsin? Are you looking for interesting things to do while you are in the area? Do you want to learn why so many travelers love the area so much? Well, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to learn why you should put Door County, Wisconsin on your list of places to travel to.

First of all, the area has over 300 miles of shoreline. What other place can you visit in the Midwest that offers some of the same experiences that are commonly found in seaside towns? Door County is an island community and waterfront village that sits on a sliver of land on Lake Michigan that offers beautiful scenery with its phenomenal landscape.

Another reason that you should visit Door County is because all of the beauty and nature that it has to offer. Sure, there are hundreds of miles of shoreline boasting over 50 beaches, but there are also many other beautiful things to see and do. The area is home to 11 lighthouses, five state parks and 19 county parks.

As if that’s not enough, (more…)

Visit These Attractions When Traveling To Door County Wisconsin

After hearing about some of the attractions, this vacation spot will be on your radar. It’s a nice place to visit, and you’re going to have so much fun while you’re there. Peninsula State Park is one of the places that you’ll want to visit, and the picture that I’m seeing of Cave Point County Park is beautiful.


Door County is home to gorgeous scenery, so you’re definitely going to get your nature fix while you’re there. How does paying a visit to the Northern Sky Theater sound? One of the reviewers of the attraction says that this is one place you don’t want to miss while visiting Door County, Wisconsin. There is also the Washington Island Ferry Line and Schoolhouse Beach. That beach sounds interesting and so does a ferry ride.

Do you feel like visiting a vineyard and winery? Get a little wine tasting in while you’re on vacation at the Simon Creek Winery and Vineyard. The next attraction doesn’t sound too promising, but it’s a great attraction for the kids. There are also quite a few animals there according to the review so it would be a unique place to visit. The attraction is simply called ‘The Farm.’ (more…)

Best Ways to Travel to Door County

Are you planning to visit Door County, Wisconsin? If you are looking forward to capturing the exquisite beauty that makes up this peninsula, you will want to know the best way to travel there.

Many people make trips there for family vacations or weekend getaways. It is even a great place to have a beautiful wedding.
If you are flying in from another country or state, you can usually find great flights that land at Green Bay International airport. Small or private aircraft can land at Cherryland Airport or Ephraim-Gibraltar Airport.
If you are going there from Ludington, WI or Manitowoc, WI you can take the car ferry. It is a four-hour cruise that will whisk you to Door County with refreshments and entertainment. The ferry sails seven days a week from May to October. Be sure to book a spot on this reservation-recommended ferry.

If you are getting there by car you can find plenty of maps online to get you to the first city off the main highway which is Sturgeon Bay. Be aware that there are special speed limits which need to be obeyed once you are on the peninsula. (more…)

Where to Stay and Eat When Travelling to Door County

Door County, Wisconsin is the ideal place to visit to experience the beauty of the entire peninsula. Whether you are going for a family trip, a girls’ getaway or you want to have your wedding there, here are some ideas for where to stay and eat.

The peninsula was originally inhabited by Native Americans but by the 1600s, French explorers found the area for themselves. Originally, visitors to the area would get there by boat, but in the 1920s, roadways made it possible for people to get there by automobile.

You can see many historic places that are evidence of the area’s rich heritage while on your visit. There are museums and lighthouses as well as tours of shipwrecks. Of course, you will get plenty of time to stretch out on the beaches. The most popular are along Lake Michigan and the rarest are the limestone beaches of Schoolhouse beach.

Swim, boat, fish, and relax. There are plenty of places to stay no matter who is travelling with you. Choose from (more…)

Why You Should Consider Travelling In Door County, Wisconsin

When it comes to travel, many people focus so much on the exotic that they tend to overlook some of the best adventures that are right in their own backyards. They’re missing out on a lot of fun and adventure.

One of these adventures is Door County, Wisconsin. With a quaint waterfront village as well as an island community, there is plenty to explore and enjoy.

Visitors will be amazed to find that there are five state parks as well as 11 lighthouses and 19 county parks all within the area. That’s not to minimize the 53 beaches that are waiting off of Lake Michigan with plenty of great outdoor adventure awaiting them.

Should they tire of the water adventure, they can enjoy an array of performing arts, visual arts, seaside shops and renowned galleries that feature many local artists.

Local restaurants offer up an array of delicious cuisine and the accommodations feel resort like when guests visit.

Other great inviting adventures are the annual Cherry Harvest. Here, visitors can enjoy delectable foods from the Cherry bakery and a historical display full of exciting arts and crafts from local artisans.

No trip is complete without an adventure so book your adventure today and start planning your next vacation. Wisconsin is reasonably priced and the people are wonderful and friendly.

If you’re in search of an exotic vacation that is right in our own Country, look no further, You’ll have the adventure of your lifetime right here in Door County, Wisconsin and it will only be a fraction of the price of a cruise or some other exotic adventure.

Your money will be well spent and you’re sure to enjoy your visit. We’ll see you soon and look forward to meeting you when you visit.